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Miramad rolling shutters and Ziptrack® outdoor blinds

At Miramad we believe saving energy is the key for a better future, installing Rolling Shutters outside of your home or Business, not only do you add security, but also you can save between 15 to 20% on your energy bill.

Rolling shutters are the most popular window treatment across Europe and being installed in homes in the province of Quebec for last 35 years.

We’ve been manufacturing custom Rolling Shutters and Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds since 2013 to serve our customers in Montreal and the surrounding area.

Rolling Shutters

Our customized rolling shutters will fit the real purpose of your outside window covering with multiple options such as : Wind Sensors, Damage Sensor and Sunlight sensors…Rolling Shutters are popular in Europe. and Southern United Sates, as “hurricane shutters”, since 2009, an increase in the demand of such product in Canada has led more and more researchers to study the effects and benefits of such a product for our Canadian climate. Our foam filled aluminum Rolling shutters provide both security and energy savings.

Ziptrack Blinds

Installing our Ziptrack system on your balcony, gallery and patio not only maximizes your home space and gives an elegant look to your house, but it also provides protection from the sun and insects in summer as well as snow and wind in the winter.

Our Ziptrack system can stand winds up to 120 KM an hour thanks to our slow fabric welding process, which makes shades and insect screens much more resistant towards strong winds.

Custom Design

At Miramad, we ensure our customer’s satisfaction by offering customized printable designs on our products.


Our certified technicians will make sure to install in the most efficient and professional manner.


At Miramad, since we manufacture our own products, we guarantee a lifetime for all the mechanics as well as the fabric.