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Exterior Ziptrack

Installing our Ziptrack system on your balcony, gallery and patio not only maximizes your home space and gives an elegant look to your house, but it also provides protection from the sun and insects in summer as well as snow and wind in the winter.

Our Ziptrack system can stand winds up to 120 KM an hour thanks to our slow fabric welding process, which makes shades and insect screens much more resistant towards strong winds.

What separates our Ziptrack system from other outdoor blinds?

  • Easy to install
  • Wind resistant
  • Multiple shades on one headrail and two set of side rails
  • Bottom up, and skylights
  • Combined Sunscreen and insect screen shades on one system
  • 4 standard color and 100 powder coated special colors
  • The wide collection of exterior fabric and insect screens
  • Manuel and motorized options
  • Slow fabric welding process