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Miaramad Rolling Shutters

Miaramad Rolling Shutters

When they are properly closed, the Rolling Shutters design affords the protection of security shutters. The features included in our Rolling Shutters make it nearly impossible for burglars to gain entry through windows and sliding doors that are properly covered. These roller shutter designs are a proven burglary deterrent. They form a physical barrier between the would-be thief and any valuables found within a property.

Security shutters also provide a barrier against high and low temperatures. They can help you maintain the temperature in your home and reduce your reliance on heating or air conditioning.

In addition, roller shutters can also shade a home and provide sun protection.

At Miramad, quality is our number one priority, but aesthetics are also a top concern. We have implemented many innovations to help ensure that the Miramad roller shutter line enhances a home’s appearance rather than detracting from it.

Your Options and Benefits:

Our motor operated roller shutter designs come with a NICE tubular motor that is engineered to fit inside the shutter axle. All Nice motors come with a full five (5) year warranty. Manual Override options are also available so that the shutter can be operated even in emergencies or during a power outage. Miramad roller shutters can also be installed with special electronics, such as remote control, wind, sun or rain sensors, interior/exterior key switches and can interface with smart home and home automatic systems.

Rolling Shutter Profiles

When you want the ultimate in everyday protection for your home, the Miramad roller shutter is your ideal solution.

At Miramad gaining your satisfaction is our business. The Miramad Roll Shutter offers security, weather protection, energy conservation and noise control in one product.

European style Roll-Up shutters have been adopted and modified for our Canadian regions by using only stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel or plastic components to eliminate oxidations and ensure long, trouble-free life.